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February 2013 News
Drones: Here, There and Everywhere
Murdering Americans Abroad
A leaked memo offers more clarity on the Administration's legal rationale for extrajudicial killing of Americans.
Spying on Us at Home
30,000 drones will be buzzing about in U.S. airspace by 2020. As yet, there are no safeguards to protect us from unwarranted, invasive surveillance.

Computer 'Crimes'
1984's Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is being abused by overzealous prosecutors and stifling our ability to dissent online.

January 2013 News
FBI and the Assassins
The first batch of records detailing FBI surveillance of the Occupy movement has begun to trickle out, in response to various Freedom of Information Act requests by public interest groups and some media outlets. For the most part, the released documents tell the banal story of FBI agents monitoring First Amendment protected activity and alerting banks and other commercial entities that they may be the target of protests.  Read more....

Grand Jury Resistance
We've been
reporting on the federal grand jury that was convened in Seattle to investigate vandalism at the 2012 May Day protests.... two months before the alleged crime occurred. We have just learned that all three grand jury resisters have been moved to solitary confinement. Meanwhile, a federal prosecutier in Portland has tried to use the success of the grand jury resistance campaign, and the solidarity of the anarchist community in the North West into a reason to deny bail to one young man.  Read more...

More Warrantless Wiretaps
Late in December, the Senate passed (roll call is here) and the President signed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act, giving the NSA power to sweep up massive amounts of our communications without a warrant.  Read more...

2013 NDAA
While on vacation in Hawaii, President Obama signed the $633 billion 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Read more...

2013 Intelligence Authorization
We scored a victory! The Senate stripped an overbroad anti-leak provision from the 2013 Intelligence Authorization Bill.  Read more...

December 2012
2012 in the Rearview Mirror

As we near the end of 2012 we provide a brief wrap-up of some of the main issues DDF has worked on over the past year.

1. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB)
2. Midwest Grand Jury Resistance
3. Whistleblower Rights
4. Testify!
5. Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights (CCDBR)
6. Our New Staff and BoardEmily Goodman, Arun Gupta and Andrew Bashi

Challenges (or, Victories Yet to Come)
1. Surveillance
2. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
3. Entrapment
4. Criminalizing Protest
5. Whistleblowers
6. Grand Jury Resistance

November 2012 (PDF or HTML)
Here’s a New One…
An Air Force Lieutenant Colonel is apparently so frightened of a small group of peace activists outside his base that he has asked for an order of protection.

Northwest Grand Jury
In a remarkably prescient maneuver, a federal grand jury was convened in Seattle in March 2012 to investigate vandalism at the May Day protests two months later.
Boston Spy Files
It’s déjà vu all over again. This time, it's local police in Boston who have been caught compiling intelligence reports and incident reports on peaceful protests, logging them under the heading of Criminal Activity with the labels “Groups-Extremist,” and “Homeland Security-Domestic.”
Drone Opponent Stopped at Border
Imran Khan, a Pakistani cricket star turned politician was pulled off a flight bound for New York, detained and questioned at a Toronto airport earlier this month.

2 ½ Years for Outing Torturers
We know that a guilty plea doesn't always mean that the defendant is guilty.

The Court has refused to review the Holy Land Foundation case. Why are we not surprised?

The long-awaited Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) held its first meeting on October 31. We were there.

October 2012 (PDF or HTML)
New Senate Report on Fusion Centers
Finds that Fusion Centers are "pools of ineptitude, waste and civil liberties intrusions"
Whistleblower Bill Passes House
"The strongest whistleblower protections ever"
FISA Amendments Act
The House voted 301-118 to extend the warrantless wiretap bill for another 5 years, as per the Obama Administration’s request.

An anniversary present to Occupy Austin
UC Davis
$1,000,000 settlement for pepper spray incident
Unconstitutional curfew
Tatts are protected speech!
Cleveland 5
Guilty pleas for 4 people ensnared in FBI terror plot
2010 FBI Raids - 2 years later
Still no charges, but case remains open.
New Toy for Police
Omar Khadr leaves gitmo
Gitmo statistics

September 2012 (PDF) (WEB)
Report from the Conventions
The UndocuBus
Austin Police Infiltrate & Entrap
Free Speech or Hate Speech?
Updates on the Cleveland 5 and Grand Jury Resisters

Summer 2012 (PDF)(HTML)
Camera-Shy Cops
With a cell phone in the hands of virtually everyone, photography has become a powerful tool for oversight and accountability, shining a light on unjust or illegitimate police practices. Recently, that’s been especially true for protesters experiencing heavy-handed or brutal police repression. That police don't like this new power is quite clear, as evidenced by the many reports of police intimidation, harassment and arrests of photographers, often accompanied by the seizure and destruction of pictures and videos. Read more...

FWIW: The Law is on OUR Side
It is absolutely legal to film police in public in every state of the Union, but lack of training, oversight and/or clear policies means that police continue to violate the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of individuals recording the police. Read more...

Homes Raided in Northwest
It’s a familiar story: dozens of police and FBI agents dressed in paramilitary gear and carrying assault rifles staged a pre-dawn raid on several activist homes, and subpoenas are issued to activists to appear before a federal grand jury. Read more...

Unnecessary Roughness
Police in Vermont and West Virginia over-react to protesters; and the FBI pays a visit in Vermont. Read more...

NYPD: They Really ARE that bad!
...pushing, shoving, dragging, hitting, punching and kicking, batons, pepper spray and using horses and scooters as weapons against protesters. Read more....

Plugging Leaks
Senate Intell committee passes a bill that is both anti-Free Press and anti-whistleblower. Read more...

June 2012 (PDF )(HTML)
House passes 2013 NDAA
Take Action: Senate NDAA Vote
Federal Judge Issues Injunction
City of Takoma Park, MD passes resolution
Campaign to Disrupt & Discredit
Five Charged with Terrorism
Peaceful Protests?

FBI Entraps 5 in Cleveland
Set'Em Up, Knock'Em Down
Action Alert
Anatomy of an FBI Terror Plot

April 2012 (PDF) (HTML)
Stories we Liked
"¡Sí, se puede!"
Standing Up
Trained to “bend the law”
SF stands up to FBI
Political Activists Also Targeted (surprise!)
The “because we say so” legal principle
Anti-Protest Laws Spring Up All Over

March 2012 (PDF) (HTML)
NDAA Update

More NYPD Blues (Part V)
Who is the Enemy?

Questions Remain on Extrajudicial Killing

Sunshine Week
A New WikiLeaks Treasure Trove

February 2012 (PDF) or (HTML)
Due Process and the NDAA
Take Action: Stop the NDAA Train Wreck!
More NYPD Blues
Are Boycotts Acts of Terror?

November 2011 (PDF) or (HTML)
Demand An End to Heavy Handed Police Tactics

Pushing the Envelope on Protest Rights
A New Kind of Fusion Center?

Obama Administration Backtracks

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

October 2011 (PDF) or (HTML)
Secret New Rules for FBI

FBI Has More to Fix
More than Just Money

Midwest Activists: One Year Later
First Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit Filed
First Occupy Wall Street Agent Provacatuer Exposed
Senator Leahy Questions Material Support Law

Obama’s Secret Death Panel

And even more NYPD
Civil Liberties Term of the Month
Manufactured Crimes

September 2011 (PDF) (HTML)
Stop Vilifying Islam and American Muslims
Top Secret Absurdity

A Commission to Study "Domestic Radicalization"?
Take Action

Shame on BART!
$$ Awards in Two RNC Lawsuits

Word of the Month
Extremist Violence

Summer 2011 (PDF)
Mueller Gets Two More Years
In spite of this dismal track record, Congress bent over backwards to accede to President Obama’s questionable request to extend Mueller’s term beyond the legal limit.
New Guidelines for the FBI
We learned in June that the FBI has drafted new rules for its agents, giving them significant new powers. Civil liberties advocates had been lobbying the FBI to tighten its rules to safeguard privacy and Constitutional rights. Unfortunately, the FBI went the wrong way.

Potential Police Crackdown in Chicago?
Chicago will host the NATO/G8 Summit in May 2012. That's almost a year away, but the city has already started its campaign to paint the protesters as a security threat in order to justify an overwhelming police presence.

Conspiracy to Heckle?
Public speakers get interrupted all the time. Usually the hecklers get carted off, maybe they spend the night in jail, and that is usually it. But when 11 Muslim students disrupted a talk by Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. at the University of California Irvine, authorities came down hard.
Two Years for Civil Disobedience
Tim DeChristopher, an environmental activist bid on several parcels of government-owned land in order to prevent them from going to oil and gas companies.
Pursued All the Way to China
For nine years, the FBI and several other state and federal agencies have relentlessly pursued Justin Solondz, am environmentalist suspected of setting fire to a lab at the University of Washinton.

JUNE, 2011
PATRIOT Act Provisions Extended

Unprincipled fear-mongering, outright misrepresentations of the law and pure cowardice led both houses of Congress to pass a four year extension of the expiring PATRIOT Act provisions on May 26... even though they don't even know how the DOJ is interpreting the law. Read more...
Obama Asks for More Mueller
In 1976, Congress limited the term of the FBI Director to 10 years. For 35 years, this term limit has protected us from another J. Edgar Hoover -- a popular FBI director in office for so long he was able to accumulate too much power. On May 12, President Obama took the unprecedented step of asking Congress to bend that rule and extend the term of another popular director for another two years. Read more...
Torture and State Secrets Privilege
The Supreme Court has declined to consider Mohmed v. Jeppesen, an important case concerning the right of victims of the extraordinary rendition and torture program to hold government officials accountable, and the government's use of the state secrets privilege to prevent cases alleging government wrongdoing from moving forward. Read more...
FOIA Reveals More FBI Spying
The FBI spent three years keeping an eye on a Texas activist, creating a 440 page file about his activities (many were labeled "Domestic Terrorism"). Read more...
Midwest Activist Update
Several new developments in the investigation: a frozen bank account, another home raided, FBI documents turn up in an odd place, and the campaign to involve members of Congress gains momentum. Read more...
RNC Update
$50,000 for activists whose home was raided before the Republican National Convention. Read more...
If I Can't Dance... must be the Jefferson Memorial.

MAY, 2011 (view as PDF)
Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is worried about Sharia Law (religious law based on Islam) taking over America, and he believes we are not taking this threat seriously. He has introduced the Team B Act (H.R. 1502), which targets "domestic radicalization". Now that is a threat we are taking seriously! Read more...

In the States: It’s been a busy spring for crushing rights in state legislatures around the country. Read about efforts to crush Unions, target immigrants and thwart animal-rights activists...

SURVEILLANCE: According to a new Department of Justice report, domestic surveillance activity increased last year. A few numbers: the FBI sought information about over 14,000 U.S. persons using over 24,000 National Security Letters. Read more...

ACTIVISTS: The peace group Food Not Bombs has been the target of police harrassment for decades. Florida has passed a law to inhibit the group's ability to pass out flyers and feed the homeless. Read more...

GUANTANAMO: WikiLeaks recently released a large collection of documents with information about more than 700 Guantanamo detainees. Read more...

MANNING: National and international pressure forced the transfer of Bradley Manning from solitary confinement at Quantico Marine Base to a much better situation at Fort Leavenworth prison in Kansas. But a Grand Jury looking for ways to charge Julian Assange under the Espionage Act has issued at least one subpoeana to an unnamed person linked to Manning. Read more...

WORD OF THE MONTH: A longtime supporter has asked me to define terms I regularly use in this newsletter, so I will take on one term a month.This month is National Security Letters.

MARCH, 2011 (view as PDF)
A Major Breakthrough on PATRIOT! We scored a victory in February by limiting the extension of the PATRIOT Act to only three months and demanding time for debate and amendments. The Obama Administration had asked for a three year extension. What is in the current bill and how did we get to this point? Read the full article here.
TAKE ACTION! We have less than 90 days to make sure Congress enacts serious reforms, or repeals the PATRIOT Act. Act Now.
King Hearings on "Muslim Homegrown Terrorism" Representative Peter King (R-NY) is moving ahead with his plans to hold a hearing on what he calls the “Radicalization of American Muslims.” He seems determined to focus exclusively on terrorist events in the U.S. that were perpetrated or planned by Muslims (or planned by the FBI with the participation of a hapless Muslim or two), while ignoring all other acts of domestic terrorism. Read the full article here.

FEBRUARY, 2011 (view as PDF)
FBI Agents: Abusing our Rights... and Watching Porn?: Three new reports document FBI violations
Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. King: DDF organizes protest at the J.Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, DC. Speakers include former FBI agent and whistleblower, Coleen Rowley and retired CIA agent Ray McGovern
Solidarity for Solidarity Activists: Subpoenaed activists stand together to refuse grand jury subpeonas and activists around the country stand with them
Quantico: DDF helps organize a major protest at the gates of Quantico in support of Bradley Manning
Obama & Whistleblowers: as a candidate Obama championed whistleblowers... but now his adminstration jails them.
Wikileaks: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) stands up for WikiLeaks and freedom
Guantanamo: Protestors block the entrances to the Department of Justice to protest Gitmo
PATRIOT Act Update: Sen. Leahy introduces a bill with reforms, but it doesn't go far enough
Fighting "Pretend Security": The metro system in Washington has adopted a random bag search program, but we're fighting it.
FOIA Yourself Update: two events are set for the San Francisco area -- hope you can join us!

2010 Newsletters

View entire issue as PDF or Webpage

"Off with their heads!" followed by censorship, prosecutions, repressive legislation, searches and seizures. Read more...
Take Action! Send Senator Lieberman a message, and stand up for Bradley Manning, the alleged leaker.

The grand jury probe targeting solidarity activists widened last week when two young Chicago area women who had visited Palestine this summer received subpoenas to appear. Read more....

We’ll face an uphill battle in Congress on most civil liberties issues over the next two years, but the outlook might be sunnier in your hometown or state. Pass a local Civil Rights Restoration Act. Read more...

Greenpeace has just filed a lawsuit against two major chemical companies, their PR firms and several individuals for activities that amount to corporate espionage. Read more......

Last spring in U.S. v. Stevens, the Supreme Court overturned a 1999 law prohibiting videos depicting animal cruelty. The decision was a good one. So Congress passed a new law to circumvent it. Read more...

View entire issue as PDF or Webpage

RNC8 CASE SPUTTERS TO AN END dropped charges and plea deals end "terror" case
FBI RAIDS UPDATE all activists refuse to cooperate with the grand jury; activist community gears up to fight back
PHOTOGRAPHY AT FEDERAL BUILDINGS settlement in one case clarifies legality of taking pictures
MILLION DOLLAR BIKE RIDE New York City agrees to pay almost $1,000,000 to cycling activists

DID YOU ‘FRIEND’ DHS? Government agencies are monitoring social network sites for various reasons
“MATERIAL SUPPORT” SHOULD CONSIDER INTENT Prominent U.S. charities file an amicus brief in Holy Land Foundation case
CHILD SOLDIER PLEADS GUILTY Omar Khadr, who has spent one third of his life at Guantanamo pled guilty to all charges against him

View entire issue as PDF or Webpage

On Friday, September 24, FBI agents fanned out across the Midwest to raid the homes of twenty activists. Most of the targeted activists lived in Chicago or Minneapolis and were active in anti-war, international solidarity and/or the trade union movement. Read more...
Just days before the FBI raids, the Department of Justice Inspector General issued a new report on FBI spying on domestic political groups – finding that the FBI improperly opened investigations, and kept the investigations going for too long, put activists' names on terrorist watch lists for no justifiable reason, and improperly retained information about First Amendment activities. Read more...
The FBI spent nine months spying on Iowa peace activists... and going through their garbage. Read more...
The Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security contracted with a private firm that tracked and infiltrated activist groups and developed Intelligence Bulletins alerting local law enforcement and private industry about upcoming protests and organizing meetings. Read more...

View entire issue as PDF or Webpage

FBI Doesn't Understand its Own Rules
The Justice Department Inspector General is investigating whether hundreds of FBI agents were allowed to cheat on their Domestic Intelligence Operations Guidelines exam, and FBI Director Mueller gets a basic fact about what is in the guidelines very wrong during testimony before Congress. Read more...

NSL Powers and the Internet
Does the FBI want to be able to look over our shoulder while we surf the internet, or is it really just seeking a "technical fix" to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act? Read more...

Murder by Fiat
The Obama Administration has taken the constitutionally questionable and morally reprehensible position that it has the authority to murder American citizens. Read more...

More Miranda Shenanigans
Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has introduced a bill (HR 5934), The Questioning of Terrorism Suspects Act of 2010 to allow prosecutors to question terrorism suspects for four days before bringing them before a judge. Read more...

The AETA 4
A judge has dismissed an indictment against four animal rights activists. Read more...

Westboro Baptist Church
A US District Court judge ruled that two Missouri laws restricting protests near funerals are unconstitutional. Read more...

View issue as PDF or Webpage (includes links to background materials)

Supreme Court Upholds Broad Definition in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project decision

Ruling 6-3, Justices say that Congress can criminalize political speech, but advocates gear up to ensure that peacebuilding, conflict resolution training are protected. Read more...

Gaza and Material Support
One member of Congress says he wants all Americans who participated in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla arrested for material support of terrorism. Read more...

Activists meet with DOJ on Detention and Accountability

We met with the Director of Public Relations at the Department of Justice to ask for changes to detention policy and press for accountability. Read more...

BP Disaster

We're not getting the full story about the disaster and the clean-up effort, thanks to local police, the military and BP officials. Read more...


Senator Lieberman introduces a bill to fight cyber-terrorism, and we don't like it. Read more...

Former Chicago police commander Jon Burge is accused of overseeing the torture over 100 African American men during his time on the police force over a decade ago. He was found guilty in June - not for the torture, but for lying about it. A new bill would address loopholes in the law. Read more...

MAY 2010 View issue as PDF or Webpage (includes links to background materials)

Judge rules in al-Haramain Islamic Foundation case

The Obama administration acts against a whistleblower and a reporter.

Democrats unveil draft immigration reform legislation -- and it includes a national biometric ID card.

A subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the FBI's use of exigent letters

Senator Leahy asks Attorney General Holder to implement safeguards and accountability measures to protect civil liberties and privacy.

The human rights record of the United States will be subject to review by the UN this year as part of the Universal Periodic Review process.

Photographers Beware: Did you know there is a federal regulation prohibiting the taking of photographs on federal property?
Parents Beware: The mom of a young activist is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
Fahad Hashmi

APRIL 2010
View entire issue as PDF or Webpage, or click on article below:

McCain and Lieberman introduce a dangerous bill
The Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution Act of 2010 (S. 3081; H.R. 4892) would allow the President to decide whether you are entitled to a fair trial, or if he should just toss you in jail and throw away the key. If the President accuses you of being a terrorist, or of providing material support to terrorists, you will not be read your Miranda rights, you will not be entitled to a trial, you may not even be charged, you will be interrogated by special teams… and you can be locked up without trial until the war on terror ends. Even if you are a U.S. citizen. Read more here and TAKE ACTION

ACORN closes its doors
The smear campaign against ACORN was a success. Although it was built on lies, it has forced ACORN to wind down as a national organization. Read more...

Disrupting Terrorist Plots: Focus on Community Relations
A subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing to explore ways to disrupt terrorist plots by building relations with Mulsim communities. One Congressman used the hearing to smear the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)... but witnesses wouldn't let him. Read more...

Supreme Court to hear Westboro Baptist Church Case
Are political pickets outside military funerals protected by the First Amendment? Read more...

Suspicious Activity Reporting
After September 11, 2001, Congress ordered the creation of an "information sharing environment" to improve communication between law enforcement and intelligence agencies, with a special emphasis on "Suspicious Activity Reporting." But, instead of better connecting the dots, the Department of Homeland Security funded a counterproductive program that threatens to clog intelligence pipelines with junk data derived from racial, ethnic, religious, and ideological bias. Read more...

Some key statistics on terrorism
The Muslim Public Affairs Council has released a report that looks at the number of actual and attempted terrorist attacks within the U.S. Anyone relying on the mainstream media for analysis of terrorism will be surprised with the findings. Read more...

What have they got on YOU?
You've been meaning to do it for years - use the Freedom of Information Act to find out which government agencies have been spying on you and which of the groups you belong to have been infiltrated. Read more...

MARCH 2010
View entire issue as PDF or Webpage, or click on article below:

DDF is celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year!
Our small but effective organization has kept chugging on through very tough times, never backing down and never taking the easy way out. We invite you to help us celebrate! Find out how...

Inside this month's newsletter:
Grassroots Lobby Day
We came, we lobbied... you and hundreds of others called or emailed...but Congress still passed the Patriot Act re-authorization, without any safeguards, oversight or other reforms. Read more...

DDF Calls for Oversight Board
Who will guard our privacy and civil liberties as new policies are weighed in response to the Christmas Day bomber? We know Congress is unwilling to stand up for us. The national security folks who are developing new policies are certainly not focused on our privacy or liberties, it isn't really their job. It is supposed to be the job of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB), but since he has taken office, President Obama has neglected to appoint anyone to this board. Read more...

Professor Cole and the Supremes
On February 23, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (HLP), an important case challenging the Constitutionality of the material support provisions in the USA Patriot Act. David Cole, a longtime ally of DDF, represented HLP before the Supreme Court. Read more...

"Shape Shifting" Material Support
Fahad Hashmi is a U.S. citizen charged with providing material support to al Qaeda. His case really illustrates how dangerous the material support laws can be. Read more...

Defining Terrorism
Congress just passed a resolution labeling Joe Stack's suicide plane attack on an IRS building in Texas a terrorist act, on a 408-2 vote. The initial reaction of some in Congress and the media was to deny that Stack's action was terrorism, in marked contrast to their response to the Fort Hood shooting. Many noted the hypocrisy, but, rather than insisting that Stack be labeled a terrorist like Major Hasan, we would do better to try to narrow the ever-expanding definition of terrorism. Read more...

Embarrassing 'State Secret' Revealed
Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian-born British resident, was detained in Pakistan in 2001, turned over to U.S. officials in 2002, subject to extraordinary rendition and finally imprisoned at Guantanamo for four years. He was released last year after all charges against him had been dismissed. He has been fighting to expose the truth of his detention in two important court cases, one in the U.S. (Mohamed v. Jeppeson) and one in the U.K. Last month the British case had a breakthrough. Read more...

Demonizing Dissent -- The Real Story
In the weeks and months before the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in 2008, the media painted a scary picture of the planned protests. Anarchists and other dangerous types would be flocking to St. Paul to create trouble! shouted the papers and the TV news. But who were these dissenters? Find out here...

View entire issue as PDF or Webpage

Shocking Revelation! Inspector General Uncovers FBI Abuses!
Take Action on National Security Letters
Tariq Ramadan is Cleared to Enter the United States
Fort Hood Aftermath
Night of 1000 Conversations
Yes, Men get SLAPPed
Take Action against SLAPPs
Activists Sue Army Spy
Animal Rights "Terrorsts"
Protestors Sue Pittsburgh

2009 Newsletters

View entire issue as PDF or HTML

Senate Hearing on the Fort Hood Shooting
Lynne Stewart in Jail
Twitter Update
Patriot Act
Material Support
State Secrets
To Cuba
Into and Out of the U.S.
The illegal subpoena and the gag order

View entire issue as PDF or HTML

In Our November Letter:
Criminal Twittering?
More on the G-20 protests
Spying Interns
Racial Profiling
Also on Twitter - the CIA
Twittering Terrorists
State Secrets Privilege in the U.S. and U.K.
More State Secrets Privilege
Patriot Act and FISA

View entire issue as PDF or HTML

In Our October Letter:
* Report from the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh
* FBI Release Redacted Copy of Internal Guide for Domestic Investigations (DIOG)
* Administration Unveils New State Secrets Policy
* New Rules on Travel to Cuba
* Violence and public policy: The right lessons by Chip Berlet
* Book Review: Daybreak - Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union
* Congress takes up Patriot Act sunsets -- ACTION ALERT

View entire issue as PDF or HTML

In this issue:
* Army Spy Infiltrates Activist Groups
* White House Enemies List
* Civil Rights Protestors Pardoned
* Buffer Zones Upheld
* West Point Protest

* Report: Extraordinary and Inappropriate

* Ruling: Pentagon Pundit Program was Legal
* Pentagon Profiles Reporters

* Torture Investigation

* Charity and Security Network

* Tariq Ramadan

* End Racial Profiling in Immigration Enforcement

* Please help support our work! Give online now.


View entire issue as a PDF or webpage

* Activist Groups in Iowa are infiltrated by FBI and Minnesota Police
* Operation Vigilant Eagle: FBI and DOD watch over political activities of Vets
* FOIA Parties: DDF begins to organize activists to submit FOIA requests
* CCDBR Hosts Surveillance Forum
* Domestic Intelligence Spy Satellite Program is Grounded... sort of
* "Ooops, I did it again", NSA once again apologizes for spying on Americans without a warrant

* RICCO strikes again

* Protests are low-level terrorism

* EFF sues for release of FBI Operational Guidelines
* Terrorist Watchlists are full of errors (surprise!)
* Over 7000 Americans investigated using NSLs last year


* FOIA Hits the Skids

• DHS Report on Rightwing Extremism
• Virginia Thought Police
• Animal Rights Activist Added to "Most Wanted Terrorist" List
• State Secrets Claim Denied!

View as a PDF or webpage

• Feds Helped State Police Track Activists
• Another Leaked Fusion Center Document
• Homeland Security Intelligence
• State Police Spying and State Legislatures
• California Loyalty Oath
• Ideological Exclusion
• Legislative Action

View as a PDF or webpage

• Shocking Fusion Center Document Leaked
• Civil Activists and Extremists Action Calendar
• FBI Breaks Ties with CAIR
• FBI Informant/Provacateur Infiltrates Mosque
• State Secrets & al-Haramain
• State Secrets & Binyam Mohamed
• al-Marri to Get His Day in Court
• Freedom of Information
• Bagram: Afghan for Guantanamo
• Republican Convention
• L.A. Agrees to Pay Almost $13 Million
• Scabby Prevails
• Take Action on the State Secrets Protection Act

View as PDF or webpage

Free the Uighurs Alert
•Senators Cardin & Mikulski Promise to Confront Police Spying
•Holder Confirmed as Attorney General
•State Secrets Doctrine
•RNC Cases go to Court

View as PDF or webpage

• DDF Helps Launch DC Bill of Rights Coalition
• DDF Convenes Civil Liberties Working Group
• Hands off My Spit
• Charities & National Security
• Fusion Centers
• Racial Profiling
• Convention Updates

View as PDF or webpage



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