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  • Which Agencies Fail at FOIA?
    sumburst with "it's sunshine week!"
    Steven Wishnia

    American citizens, reporters, and others made a record number of Freedom of Information Act requests in fiscal year 2014—and the federal government denied access to or censored documents in a record share of them.

  • NEW REPORT: FISA Court Needs Reform to Protect Americans’ Civil Liberties
    eye imposed on digital data
    Sue Udry

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is no longer serving its constitutional function of providing a check on the executive branch’s ability to obtain Americans’ private communications, concludes a new report released today by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law.

  • CISA Isn’t Cybersecurity: It’s Cyber-Surveillance
    Zombies, monsters attack from a computer, from the Internet to a child, scare him
    Thomas Hedges

    Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 (CISA) by a 14–1 vote. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) stood alone against the bill, saying in a statement March 13 that it “does not include adequate privacy protections” and is simply another “surveillance bill by another name.”

  • ‘Data Trespass,’ Wyoming’s Fancy Name for Ag-Gag
    Animal skull hangs on a barbed wire fence post on the edge of a Wyoming ranch.
    Sue Udry

    Jonathan Ratner tests water. He visits streams in Wyoming, takes samples and tests it for E. coli. He’s been testing streams for years, concerned that waste from Wyoming’s 1.3 million cattle is polluting streams. And it is.

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  • Repeal the PATRIOT Act
    Statue of Liberty on the background of flag usa sunrise and fireworks

    The Surveillance State Repeal Act (HR 1466) repeals the two most notorious post 9/11 dragnet surveillance laws and overhauls the NSA’s domestic surveillance program...more