Right to Dissent

These are just a few of the stories of activists fighting for their first amendment right to speak out and organize*. We're building web-based resources to teach the history of the civil liberties movement and to help you find civil liberties experts working in the field today.

Our Civil Liberties Hall of Fame Wikki:


and Civil Liberties Experts:

[http://www.civil-liberties-experts.us/index.php?title=Main_Page] websites are under construction.

This is a community effort, and we welcome your nominations for inclusion. Contact Chip.Berlet@defendingdissent.org with your suggestions.

While we build these, we encourage you to to check out some of the good old-fashioned resources available at our Book Store

1 and * See We Will Be Heard, by Bud and Ruth Schutlz for more on Pete Seeger, the IWW and the Minneapolis Teamsters and other voices in the struggle for Constitutional rights.



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