A Network of Groups Across the Political Spectrum,
Organizing against Surveillance Abuse, Government Repression, and Political Witch Hunts;
and Working to Expand Civil Liberties, Free Speech, and the Right to Dissent for All




A Cooperative Project
of the:

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Defending Dissent Foundation

Political Research Associates

In collaboration with:

Building Liberty

Liberty Coalition
(partner groups)

National Lawyers Guild

U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation

The material linked on this page provides accurate, reliable research that assists activists in developing effective analyses, strategies, and tactics to defend and expand civil liberties. It includes links to groups across the political spectrum and no link implies agreement by every group.

Civil Liberties
is one aspect of
Building Human Rights
as a master frame for
re-invigorating activism and civic participation.


Senate Committee Reports
Homegrown Terrorism Legislation
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Background Theoretical Issues:

Political Research Associates - PublicEye.org

Government Intelligence Abuse:
The Theories of Frank Donner

Repression and Ideology:
How Police Justify Labelling Demonstrators as "Terrorists"

Hate, Oppression, Repression, and the Apocalyptic Style
Facing Complex Questions and Challenges (PDF)
The debate within social science